Collusion the new iPad stylus – A video of my first experiences

OK so you will have heard a lot about Collusion from me lately. 😀 Why? Because I love the concept and the team from Collusion are a great bunch of blokes. They have also just released the video they took of me from the first Collusion Beta Backers event so I thought I should definitely share it with everyone. Hopefully this will help answer some of the questions that people have been asking me thus far. As always if you have any questions just drop a comment here :).

Also don’t forget to check out my other posts on Collusion. Or if you want check out the official Collusion site, or the Collusion Project on Kickstarter.

Collusion is The iPad Pen to end capacitive “crayons” – What might you like to know?

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Many of you who have been poking around Technical Notebook recently will have seen my Initial thoughts on Collusion and then the follow up with Everything I have found out so far about Collusion. As I am lucky enough to be in Sydney, where the guys from Collusion are currently based.  I have been able to see them each Friday night and learn more about the device and what we can expect when it is released.

For those of you that don’t know what Collusion is, I have best heard it described as the iPad Pen to end capacitive “crayon” like input devices for the iPad. I would recommend you check out my above articles and have a look at the official Collusion Site.

What I did want to put out there however is… what do you want to know about it? What are the questions that are burning on your mind that you would love to find out more about? Throw your questions/suggestions at me and I can take them to the guys when I see them next Friday night. While I can’t promise responses for everything flick them over to me (just leave a comment here) and I will see what I can do.

As soon as I know more information I will be back here to give you the latest goss and keep you up to date on what is happening and how things are progressing as we head to the beta launch of Collusion in September and the official public release in October. So bookmark the site 🙂 and I will keep you posted!

Stuart 😀
(A very eager and excited Collusion Customer)

Collusion – bridging the gap between iPad and Paper: What I know thus far

After you have had a look at this be sure to check out my latest posts on Collusion for all the updates on the best stylus for the iPad..

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After attending the Beta Backers Party last night and writing up my initial thoughts on Collusion and the wonderful new stylus for iPads I thought I should do a second post this evening throwing together some of the juicy details that I was able to find out from the Collusion team about just what we can expect from the final product.

So here is what I managed to find out from the guys last night 🙂 enjoy and if you have any questions that you would like to know more on pop a comment here and I can ask the team at the next Beta Backers Party and be sure to check out the project on Kickstarter:

    • How large will the canvas be?
      Any single canvas will be very large in size, there will be a practical size limit but it will be very large.


    • Will the Collusion App for iPad work over 3G as well as WiFi?
      Yes it will, the team is currently working on putting together optimisations to help minimise the impact of the inherent unreliability/volatility of 3G connections.


    • Will the hardware device and pen be available in Black and White to those that have backed the project on Kickstarter?
      I was told this was dependant on two factors, firstly there needs to be at least 2000 backers on KickStarter as the batches will be in 1000 lots. The second requirement is that there would be roughly a 50/50 split of people that wanted black vs white.


    • Will there be an API available for other iPad apps to use the pen interface?
      As per the FAQ: The hardware API will not be opened. Once the fundamentals of the collusion platform are downpat (post V1) they will consider opening the software platform via API.


    • Why havent you used dropbox or [insert online service here]?
      Collusion’s cloud integrates both storage and real time collaboration – these elements have been optimised to work together to form the worlds fastes cloud collaboration service, whereas 3rd party cloud storage is simply that, its a different tool entirely.


    • Will an Android version be available?
      Not at this stage but “watch this space”!


    • Will there be another Beta Backers Party?
      Yep in a couple of weeks time (keep an eye on the Kickstarter project for details).


    • Will I be able to work offline?
      Yes, the specific method of how this will be achieved is still under development.


  • A bit behind the technology of the pen itself:
    • It uses ultrasonic sound and two microphones together with simple trigonometry to know where the pen is on your iPad screen.
    • The drawings, strokes, and lines you create are each individually stored as vector images. I will let you ponder the awesomeness of that yourselves


So thats it, I hope some of you find that useful, I will try to find out as much as I can each time there is a Beta Backers Party and look forward to seeing some of you there.