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1Password LogoRecently I purchased 1Password for Mac as I now have my shiny new Apple MacBook Pro laptop. I have been an avid user of 1Password for quite some time now on my iPhone, iPad and windows PC so therefore it was a natural step to purchase it for the Mac.

Less than a week after purchasing 1Password a mate pointed me to an online deal where I could get a package of apps including 1Password that were all bundled together, however I was at a loss as I had just purchased the app a few days prior.

However after contacting Agile Support and speaking to Mike they were more than happy to issue me a refund for the original purchase so that I could purchase the app (indirectly mind you, from another company) at a discount. I can also happily say that Mike said “You made my day with your kind comment. :)” as to the thank you email that I sent, so I can happily say that I made his day as he did mine.

I have to say… bloody exceptional support, they could have said no (and in fact were quite within their right to, I only contacted them on the offchance) however I can happily say they did me a wonderful favour and can not only regard 1Password as a great tool but also that they have wonderful support.