VividWireless releases new plans with expanded coverage and LTE technology!

Vivid Wireless’ new service no longer uses WiMax technology but instead uses LTE (i.e. mobile) technology which should mean faster speeds & better coverage. The service has made many appearances on my blog historically and in the last 48 hours has released a new service which no should mean better speeds and improved coverage. You can check out the new coverage areas, to see if you are covered in the new reception footprint

From what I have been told thus far, there is no migration plan available for those of you under existing contracts (unless you want to pay the early termination fee), I am also hoping to get some details on what new areas have been added to the coverage footprint which I will update here if such details are made available.

[Update April 9, 2016] : I now have my hands on a new device so I will do testing in the upcoming week and post the details here as soon as they are available. Also I have been told that the coverage is significantly expanded in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane (in addition to the already extensive coverage in Perth) so pop on over to the coverage checker and have a look.


Update: You can see how the network performs here –>


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