Speedify can help you with slow or flaky internet

As mobile data plans become more and more generous, wouldn’t it be great if you could actually use your quota in truly beneficial way towards the end of the month? I came across Speedify a few months ago, and in short… it permits you to ‘bond’ multiple internet connections together for either a speed boost, or added redundancy.

Some use cases where Speedify may be useful that I have can think of include:

  • If you have flaky internet; your ADSL drops out, your provider over-sells and you get slow speeds during peak, and so on!
  • If you have multiple internet connections available (such as mobile, WiFi hotspots, wired, ADSL, NBN and so on) and you want to blend them together to maximise your speed.
  • If you want to make the most of your mobile internet data plan.

Speedify allows you to selectively use additional internet connections to supplement your main connection in any of the above scenarios. Speedify also includes plenty of customisation, for example you can set priority of connections, only use a connection (such as your mobile) as a backup connection for redundancy, and set a monthly or daily limit to the data usage.

View of Speedify Options GUI for a Network LinkSpeedify Overall Options GUI

For the geeks in you some extra tech details:

  • Bonding is true bonding not a simple round robin, that means packets can be sent out independently on different connections and will be put back together once they reach Speedify before they hit the greater interwebs.
  • You can opt to have redundancy in two forms on Speedify, either fallback connection (passive) or true redundancy (active) where packets are sent out in duplicate and parallel across two separate connections, so if one drops out, you should not suffer packet loss (great for low latency applications such as gaming but will use up to double the data).
  • Speedify has a range of exit points around the world you can check out on their site, and yes, they have an Australian presence as well which is GREAT for reducing latency.


  • Ultra-reliable
  • True speed increase, with only minimal overheads so I have managed to see a total of about 90% combined usage across two or more connections on average (your mileage may vary, so good to test).
  • The new version of the app can be tested without having to sign up, this is FANTASTIC to let you test it out, something I pointed out to Speedify early on as necessary.
  • Being that Speedify acts as a VPN, hiding all your traffic from your ISP, you may have benefits in getting around any ISP traffic shaping as everything you do is tunneled from your comptuer, to the Speedify servers over an encrypted connection.


  • Only usable on a single device at one time (such as one laptop).
  • No router or network sharing unit available (yet), so only one device on your home network will be lucky enough to get the speed boost.

I would highly recommend you give it a try if you have one of the above scenarios, all the links here to Speedify use my personal affiliate link (it helps me keep my blog and server running) but in no way have I been paid to write this article. I only write about things that I truly find useful in my day to day life (or when I have something I would advise you steer clear of). However, long story short, if you would like a direct link, that is cool as well you can visit http://www.speedify.com.