SpamTitan AntiSpam Appliance – It saved my inbox!

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The SpamTitan anti-spam appliance has been a godsend for me over the last year. As a heavy user of all things I.T., including email, I found that more and more I was becoming inundated with constant spam filling my inbox.

I had tried several hosted services to attempt to cull the spam from my life, but alas none seemed able to fit the bill or offered the level of customisability that SpamTitan has.

So with thanks to TurnkeyInternet for my hosting servers, and SecureSoft for helping me get the SpamTitan license, I was able to spin up a SpamTitan anti-spam virtual appliance. The SpamTitan server now sits in front of my main web server and protect both incoming and outgoing email.

The Stats:

Since the appliance was brought online on February 04, 2014, there have been 131889 emails that have passed through, and these have been broken up into the following:
RBL Rejections – 53.5%
Clean messages – 25.1%
Other Frontline Rejections – 16.4%
Denied Relays – 3.3%
Invalid Recipients, Banned Attachments and Virus Messages making up the remaining 1.7%
(see image for further details).

More about SpamTitan:

The SpamTitan appliance comes inbuilt with both the ClamAV and Kaspersky antivirus scanners that together provides a reliable antivirus platform. Luckily, I can safely say that I have only had a single virus email which has been a blessing, which was blocked immediately by the appliance.

I have found the appliance to be hugely configurable, both system-wide as well as down to the domain level. SpamTitan provides the ability to configure different outbound disclaimers, daily report settings, spam thresholds and so on all on a per domain basis (and much more).

The appliance has also been remarkably robust, with the exception of requiring reboots for ESX updates, I have never found a need to restart the appliance itself. Stability is crucial, and it has been a blessing to have the SpamTitan server in front of my main server on the odd occasion it has required maintenance so that mail is still received and queued for delivery.

SpamTitan for me has mostly been a set and forget adventure. When one of my domains started receiving a significantly heavier amount of spam, I did perform some tweaking of the Bayesian filter settings, but for the most part it happily takes care of itself.

Who is it for:

I could see the self-hosted appliance (or the SpamTitan hosted offering) being of great use for anywhere from small businesses with 10-50 users too much larger, even enterprise organisations. At this time, the smallest license you can get is 50 users, so there are no single user options at this time, but I would love to see an offering like that in the future.

What I would love to see:

While the whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive, one thing I would like to see improved is the way a user can mark a false negative (i.e. spam that slipped through the cracks and was marked as clean). At the moment, a user has to log into the web interface, find the email (that can sometimes be difficult without the Quarantine ID), and then mark it as spam. I would love to see a simple “forward to a particular email address” that the SpamTitan server would then check periodically to re-classify those emails as spam.

Also it would be great for an administrator to have the ability to review the quarantine and have an integration with the SpamCop service which would enable the bulk submission of spam (via email) to the service to help report those that have slipped through the cracks.

Where can you get it?

If you are in Australia, you can speak to the team at SecureSoft who are the local distributors, they are a great bunch of people and have great and helpful sales and support staff. Otherwise, outside of Australia, you can check out SpamTitan to check out who your local reseller is.

Some Screenshots:

Administrator Dashboard for the SpamTitan anti-spam Appliance
Administrator Dashboard for the SpamTitan anti-spam Appliance


SpamTitan Anti-Spam RBL Configuration Screen
SpamTitan Anti-Spam RBL Configuration Screen


SpamTitan Anti-Spam Greylisting Configuration Screen
SpamTitan Anti-Spam Greylisting Configuration Screen


SpamTitan Anti-Spam Example Daily Quarantine Report
SpamTitan Anti-Spam Example Daily Quarantine Report