PCAuthority iPad App – A welcome change… but a bit delayed.

Last month PC Authority, which is now known as PC & Tech Authority released an iPad app which provides an electronic version of their magasine. For those of us that have iPad’s and have been craving some form of electronic version can now enjoy it to it’s fullest.

However I do have one gripe. My print subscription is coming to an end (I thought it was last month however it looks like I got the February edition of the magasine as well) and I noticed something quite disturbing. For the last few days I have been eagerly checking the PC Authority iPad app for the latest edition of the mag, much to my dismay I have still not seen it.

After going over to my folks place (where my paper edition of the mag is delivered) and realising that in fact the paper version of the mag was out some time last week I became disheartened. I cannot believe in this day an age that for something they are promoting so heavily, the paper version of the magasine is still released well before the electronic version.

What got my blood boiling even more as I read through the paper edition was the following image… (which for the record has the iPad application showing the February edition of the mag, which is still unavailable on the iPad itself) Nuff said I guess. I hope that PC Authority can pick up the game a little on release schedules. I realise it is early days but you would think this is one thing they would be trying to focus on especially around this time of the year.

PC & Tech Authority Magasine Snapshot

Update: I can happily say that I just received the following email from Sam Grimmer who is the Creative Director at Haymarket Media. Awesome to see such a fast response.


Hi Stuart
 Thanks for your mail. Just wanted to let you know that the Feb iPad issue is going 
 to be available in the the next 36 hours. The delay is simply a function of Haymarket 
 Media closing for the Christmas break. The print edition was sent to press on the very 
 last day of last year and for reasons of quality control we produce the iPad edition in 
 the week following the print deadline ie; while the mag is being printed and distributed. 
 In this case, the break pushed the iPad production week back until the new year.


All other iPad editions of PC&TA throughout the year will be available on the magazine's onsale date as you would expect. The only alternative for us would have been to delay the onsale date of the mag until now to guarantee a twin release.


Thanks for your feedback Stuart. Clearly it would have been useful for us to state the Feb release date in the ad you refer to. I'm glad you are so keen to see the iPad edition!


Best regards and feel free to send me your thoughts on the iPad edition. It's an exciting extension of our magazine and we will be adding more features and exclusive iPad content as we move forward.


Best regards
Sam Grimmer