PC & Tech Authority iPad E-Mag Review

As I posted recently here on Technical Notebook, PC and Tech Authority (formerly PC Authority) have finally released a long awaited e-version of their popular magasine for all the tech hungry Aussies out there. After having the opportunity to read a couple of versions of the magasines now on my iPad I thought I would throw my thoughts out as to my likes and dislikes thus far.

The Good:

  • It is an e-mag… I can read it on my iPad and it makes my commute more enjoyable – AWESOME
  • Linking between contents page and links in articles makes jumping around simple
  • In the monthly product review roundup the ability to swipe and compare two items side by side is brilliant
  • On certain pages being able to do a full 360 degree swipe to swivel a product is clever and fun to use
  • The inclusion of videos I feel greatly enhances the magasine content and look forward to seeing how this improves the magasine as a whole over time

The Not-So-Good:

  • On longer articles you have to scroll the page down to view the rest of the article, I have found this to be confusing as the natural way for me to swipe is to the next page. Also this causes issues when sometimes it thinks I have swiped to the next page when in fact I am swiping down.
  • Some pages are available in landscape but not all, the landscape format is nice and I love it but having to flip back to portrait every so often does get frustrating.
  • In some of the smaller “in page” scrolling sections, the sections loop, so if you scroll through all the items it goes back to the top again and keeps scrolling through basically looping. This has caused me confusion many times.
  • The A List is one of my favourite parts of the mag and is usually my first stop off to look at my next purchase. However something that is┬ánoticeably missing is the runner up for each item. Sometimes (most recently in the case of anti-virus software) I wanted to see what the runner up was as the A-List item had issues for me.
  • Finally – no subscriptions… I know this is an Apple thing but hopefully it will get fixed soon.
  • Scrolling again (hey I have to mention it twice), on some of the pages there is a mini scroll section for content on the page, scrolling down to view more of the article AND back and forth to go to the next and previous pages. Sometimes the mag gets very confuzzled about where I want to go.

Well poke around in the images below (best to click through to the flickr stream) there are a few other things in there as well but far easier to explain with an image handy. All in all I am very impressed and look forward to seeing how the mag progresses in the coming months.


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