Slow downloads from Apple on Telstra Mobile and Broadband Networks

Last Updated: October 3, 2015 10:00 AM (latest updates at the bottom of this article, it looks like it may now be resolved)

Since shortly after the release of the iPhone 6s a number of Telstra customers have been experiencing widespread issues with downloading anything from the Apple network (including Apple Music, App Stores etc) both on mobile and home broadband connections.

Thus far, we have not seen any formal recognition or ownership of the issue from Telstra (especially surrounding internal communications outlining the issue), it does appear that at least some members of the social media team know about it now, therefore I have put together the following video to ACTUALLY demonstrate the issue. Over the last four days however, some Telstra reps were responding that there may be an issue, while others seemed to have no idea.

If you want to get around the issue, some people have had success with changing DNS servers, but the most reliable way I have found is to use a VPN provider, TorGuard is my favourite (as they have Australian servers which are a lot faster for us Aussies). You can read my review on them here if you are so inclined.

Parameters of the experiment:

  1. Connect to Telstra Network (proven with IP address, showing WiFi disconnected, showing that app greater than 100MB will not download.
  2. Showed SpeedTest demonstrating true available connection speed.
  3. Demonstrated attempt to download on 4G (extremely slow for 22MB download)
  4. Connected to TorGuard VPN service.
  5. Downloaded a 29MB app which downloaded almost instantly
  6. Demonstrated again an attempt to download an app > 100MB to prove still on Telstra 4G.

If anyone has any questions, happy to answer them, you can get into contact with me via @StuartCRyan on Twitter.

I now implore you to poke, prod and raise this issue with Telstra, the more that do, the more likely we will get a fix. You can prod them via @Telstra on Twitter, Telstra on Facebook or the Telstra CrowdSupport Forums.

There are also two ongoing discussions on Whirlpool, the new one dedicated solely to the Telstra specific speed issues downloading from the Apple App store and other Apple Services, you can also see the original thread which had a lot of early discussion on the issue.

Anddd just to show some of the discussion on Twitter:

At least it now appears that Telstra are acknowledging the issue as of this afternoon (may have come a bit earlier in the day too):

Update October 1, 2015 8:51 PM

I have prodded a few people on Twitter with these details, including Andrew Penn, the CEO of Telstra.

Update October 1, 2015 9:51 PM

It appears my posts have hit quite a nerve with quite a few Telstra customers on Twitter:

It also appears that it has now been posted to the one and only Slashdot #woo haha.

Major Update October 1, 2015 10:44 PM

After tweeting Telstra off the cuff we have a bit of extra info:

Update October 2, 2015 7:04 AM

Last night this issue made the front page of Slashdot… that is a major step forward in getting some formal visibility on the issue and hopefully some additional pressure on Telstra to resolve the issue as we enter into day 5. You can see the full article at

I also awoke to this discussion on Twitter which I think highlights some of the issues more closely:

Update October 2, 2015 10:22 AM

Reports of issues are still incoming with the same responses from Telstra, so no end in site as of yet

Update October 2, 2015 11:04 AM

An interesting issue has arisen for some other subscribers of worldwide LTE services, it is unknown at this stage whether the two issues could be related:

Update October 2, 2015 11:50 AM

Tim Biggs from SMH was kind enough to write an article for the Sydney Morning Herald and has since been provided a formal response from Telstra. As he mentioned in a tweet to me a short while ago, the response is very similar to what we are being told on Social Media:

UPDATE, 11.38am: A Telstra spokesperson has issued Fairfax Media with the following statement:
“We’re aware some customers may be experiencing slow service when using mobile devices to download or update apps, or stream music. We’re investigating the issue and we will provide an update as soon as we have more information to share with you.”

Read more:

Also I thought it would be good to include all the areas I currently know about that have active discussions on the issue (following the writing of the original article)

Update October 2, 2015 1:34 PM

As per the SMH Article at

A Telstra spokesperson has issued Fairfax Media with an updated statement:
“We are experiencing issues with an undersea cable connecting Australia with Singapore. As a result, some customers are experiencing slow service when using mobile devices to download or update apps, or stream music from some providers.
“We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, including utilising alternative paths while repairs are undertaken. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and as soon as we have an update on the current situation we will let our customers know.”

Update October 2, 2015 3:29 PM

I have seen evidence (unconfirmed by Telstra) that potentially this is due to a SeaMeWe-3 cut:

I have also been doing some tests which seem to support the theory that the Telstra network is suffering issues with connections to Singapore (by testing download speeds from Singapore servers).

I can validate that there are definitely far slower speeds to Singapore on the Telstra network as opposed to iiNet or via VPN.

Update October 2, 2015 5:46 PM

ZDNet has posted a new article with another statement from Telstra stating:

“We are experiencing issues with an undersea cable connecting Australia with Singapore. As a result, some customers are experiencing slow service when using mobile devices to download or update apps or stream music from some providers,” a Telstra spokesperson told ZDNet in a statement.

“We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, including utilising alternative paths while repairs are undertaken. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and as soon as we have an update on the current situation we will let our customers know.”

Still no ETA till resolution tho *sigh*

Update October 2, 2015 8:32 PM

It looks like we have some progress people 🙂 tweet me on @StuartCRyan if you find you are still having issues:

Update October 2, 2015 10:00 PM

I have just seen a formal update on The Register’s coverage

Update: At 5:55 pm on a Friday afternoon, Telstra e-mailed The Register to say: “Arrangements have been made to re-route traffic away from the affected subsea cable and as a result the immediate issues impacting customers have been addressed. We will continue to work to ensure the impact does not return. We thank our customers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.” ®

Update October 3, 2015 10:01 AM

ITNews has posted an article including further details:

Vocus general manager of engineering Rick Carter confirmed the SEA-ME-WE cable connecting Perth to Singapore has been cut at segment 3.3 since September 25.

He said a cable repair ship had been deployed to address the issue and expects to repair the cable by October 15.

Internet service provider iiNet has posted a fault notice with an unnamed international cable alerting customers to a similar issue.

Australia Post Concord – Policies, Procedures and Bad Communication

When a monopoly exists with any service provider it is a cause for concern. As many of you will know the only provider of Australia wide standard postage services is none other than Australia Post (@AusPost).

So, what do you get when you mix a monopoly with unusual policies and procedures as well as the dreaded ingredient of bad (or non existent) communication? You get a customer experience such as this…

Let me set the scene for you, I had a delivery coming from Telstra, I will leave it to your imagination as what this could be 😀 and the item was left at my local Australia Post store in Concord to be picked up.

So I go onto the web and look up my local post office and see this:

Australia Post Concord Open Hours Screenshot


I think great, there are out of hours parcel collection services, just have to go to the PO Boxes to pick them up (at least that is what I assumed where it said Location: PO Boxes Only (which is where the pickup point is… I knew this from past experiences).

However, low and behold I get to the Post Office this morning at 7:30am sharp and see this on the door next to the PO Boxes:

Australia Post Concord Parcel Pickup Screenshot


So I knock on the door and let them know that this was not stated elsewhere and I am informed that this is policy and there is nothing the lady can do. She mentioned that my parcel would be downstairs but she was expressly prohibited by management from walking down to get the package. There was nothing she could do and I would have to talk to Linda (Lynda?) the manager. When I requested the manager’s contact details I was told the only way I could speak to them was to call the 13 13 18 number and they were not allowed to give out the contact details of the store.

Running Tally

So lets give everyone a running tally of where things sit at this point from my perspective:

  1. I have a parcel left at Australia Post for pickup.
  2. I check their website which makes no mention of what is posted on the door (though in hindsight it appears that a crude attempt at using the “Location” field may be an attempt to sum up in one word what is signposted on the door, having said this, it also states “This is an alternative option to in-store parcel collection.”).
  3. I attend the post office to find that policy is different to what is publicly stated on their website.
  4. I am then informed that policy explicitly prohibits the staff member from walking down some stairs to obtain my package from a shelf.
  5. I am subsequently informed that no contact details can be provided to me and I must call the general number and go through the rigmarole to try to get into contact with the store manager. For me this really shows no accountability and ownership of customer issues at the store level.

Now the way I see it here, we have a poor lack of communication (items 2 and 3), very poor policy which discriminates against those people who do not have a PO Box (item 3), quite ridiculous policy that prohibits a staff member from walking downstairs to get a package (item 4), and unacceptable policy that makes it immensely difficult and time consuming for a person to get into contact with the manager of the store (item 5).

Furthermore, there is inconsistency between service provided by different Australia Post stores. At the Broadway store, for years I have been able to pick up any package at their early open hours, furthermore I used to be able to do the same at the Concord store as well (to further add insult to injury).

After going out of my way (without a car this morning no less) and getting off busses to change services so that I could attend the post office I was visibly frustrated. I kept my cool with the lady at the post office itself… she was just echoing what she had been told by management and hey… you can’t shoot the messenger).

Tweets to AusPost

Therefore, when back on the bus (without my package), I posted the following stream of tweets to Australia Post:

So I now await further details from AusPost and will keep you all up to date with what they come back with, most importantly I am looking forward to hearing more about this policy and why it was enacted (specifically with relation to discriminating against non PO Box holders), and seeing the formal written version of the policy that was signed off by head office (if such exists).

Update 1: September 30, 2015 9:48 AM

I have phoned Australia Post and spoken to Amy (who was lovely and should be commended) to lodge a formal complaint (ID: 03076749). At the same time I have now requested my parcel be made available for early pickup. Subsequently, I have provided a link to this blog post and requested a formal written response that can be posted here.

I have provided all the details here and also stressed that I do not fault the staff member that I consulted with, she was just following the policies and procedures handed down to her by management.

Looking forward to a formal response.

Update 2: October 1, 2015 8:59 AM

There were some further discussions between AusPost and myself on Twitter last night:

At least my awesome Twitter friends get it:

Update 2: October 1, 2015 11:04 AM

I have just received an SMS from Australia Post stating:
“Your enquiry Ref: 3076749 is progressing and is under investigation by our network. Thank you for your patience. No Reply.”

Also forgot to mention that I did eventually get my package this morning… now I just want to see these issues reviewed (as it was a saga to say the least).

Update 3: October 1, 2015 7:12 PM

Received the following from Australia Post this afternoon:

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your time on the phone. Below is the response we received in regards to your enquiry.

1. Enclosed are copies of the PIAC cards which the customer would have received & used to collect his carded article. It shows “ PO Boxes only “ in the Early parcel collection space.
2. Here is what is shown on the website: Because the “PO Boxes only” information is shown against the “Location” details, the customer could have misunderstood or not realised that the option was only for POB addressed carded articles
48 Majors Bay Road,
Concord NSW 2137
13 13 18
(02)9743 6587

Opening hours*
· Mon – Fri9:00am – 5:00pm
· Saturday9:30am – 1:00pm
· Sunday Closed
* Week commences on a Monday.
Different operating hours may apply on public holidays.
Additional parcel collection hours*
· Mon – Fri7:30 am – 9:00am
* This is an alternative option to in-store parcel collection.
Location: PO Boxes Only

3. In answer to the customer’s allegation that there are Early Parcel collection services at all outlets except Concord & why not at Concord
a. Not all retail outlets offer the option. It can only be offered if staffing, PO security, & local operational considerations can accommodate this option. Examples where the early parcel collection option is not offered are: Balmain PO, Australia Sq PO; Coogee PO, Kensington PO, Randwick PO, Kingsford PO and many others
b. Due to the physical layout of Concord PO where street addressed parcels are kept on the ground floor and can be accessed only by using 2 flights of stairs, and because of staffing levels, Concord PO is unable to offer early parcel collection services for street addressed carded mail. (Pls see PM’s report below). There are safety & delivery service standard issues that will affected.
c. These arrangements have been in place at Concord since the start of the “Early Parcel Collection” option advertised on the website. There have been no changes except the change in hours, ie, it changed from 6:30a-9a to 7:30a-9a in Feb 2015 due to the change in time the mail gets dropped off at Concord.

4. Solution for Customer:
a. Customer can contact CCC and arrange for next day early parcel collection for street addressed parcels from Concord PO – again pls see PM’s response below


I have now replied with the following:

Hi Priscila,
Thanks so much for that.

1. As I mentioned on the phone, the Star Track card that was left for me had no mention of the restriction on picking up packages (hence why I referred to the website for opening hours). Perhaps Australia Post could work with those providers to correct the missing information on the cards that they leave?
2. I completely agree that this is a large part of the cause for confusion. I would like to see a commitment for Australia Post to update the entry on the website within 30 days for all affected Australia Post stores to use the location field for it’s purpose as demonstrated on the Broadway Shopping Centre entry. I feel that it should state almost identically what is posted on the door at the store. Had this been clearly stated on the website I would have made a call 24 hours before to request the early pick up, and none of this would have presented an issue. I am also concerned that it is acceptable policy to use a website field (Location) for a purpose other than which it is designed. As you can see, this has caused a significant amount of confusion, if there are additional notes, they should have bene put after “* This is an alternative option to in-store parcel collection” as that itself lead me to believe it was available to all packages rather than just PO Boxes and the “PO Boxes” only referred to the pickup location.
3. a) That makes more sense, I would in that case ask what options could be offered in future. Something like the option to pay $5 and have the article moved to a parcel locker would be an amazing help to making life easier for those that are unable to get to the post office in time. This is especially true as articles are returned if you are unable to make it there within 10 days.
b) That is good to know that there is a valid reason, it would be good to explain this to people, when someone is provided a valid reason as to why something can’t be offered they are far less likely to react negatively. Essentially what I mean to say here is… the policy makes sense, but on the day having someone telling me that they are “explicitly forbidden” from walking down the stairs makes the management look rather stupid. Once again here, communication is key. Also I have not been provided a copy of the PMs notes, if they could please be included to me that would be appreciated so that I can address the additional comments (specifically I am curious as to specific safety and delivery standard services that would be affected).
c) I moved into the area on 22nd June 2013, ~ two weeks after I picked up a package out of hours (early) at no such time was a policy in place, there was no such notice on the door and the staff member quite happily obtained the package for me without question (I remember this specifically because it was a modem from iiNet that I had connected just after I moved in).
4. I have now done this and have the package. However, customer would like proper measures and appropriate communication of policy on the website to ensure other people do not suffer the same confusion in future. Again, if the PMs response could please be included that would be appreciated.

Look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind Regards,

I also had the following exchange on Twitter shortly after:

Inspire the world to learn poem #ANZTLC15

This is a poem I have written for the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference APAC 2015. It is a creative piece on how we at the conference use our knowledge and experiences to…


We gather each and every year,
With ideas we have to share.
These seeds of innovation,
Start to travel through the air.

These seeds, containing great new things,
New ways to challenge and inspire.
Providing tools and proven methods,
They start to spread like wild fire.

This year we’re more than 300 strong,
Working in all aspects of education.
There’s educators, support staff and industry too,
We gather with eager anticipation.

As we share our unique experiences,
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We have a passion for improving education,
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Using these ideas to improve teaching and learning
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These sprouts, these ideas, help us to engage and inspire,
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Letting us reach out to students new and old,
Helping to inspire them to DO!

So in the coming year we have these sprouts,
And the friendships we have made.
We keep in contact and continue to chat,
Building upon the foundations that we have laid.

In the end, these sprouts that we take back,
We watch them grow at every turn.
We nurture them, that’s we’re here,
To inspire the world to LEARN.

Blackboard #ANZTLC15 Opening Keynote

Blackboard #ANZTLC15 Impromptu Discussion

Blackboard #ANZTLC15 Kaltura Demo