Integrating WordPress and Joomla

Integrating WordPress and Joomla is not an easy feat and it has taken me over three weeks to find this solution.

After trying several plugins (of which I have paid for and a lot really didn’t work) I have found one that I wanted to recommend in the hope that I can save others time and money. CorePHP has developed a custom version of WordPress that hooks directly into Joomla. The WordPress Sidebars are added as Joomla modules and the custom installation comes with a default theme that with a little tweaking should be able to fit into any Joomla theme.

You can see my integration on my Eccentric Reality Photography Blog, at this stage there are a couple of issues in IE due to my lack of skills in CSS but I am looking into fixing that shortly. I have decided not to turn on the categories syncronisation between Joomla and WordPress as I like to keep them separate however it is there as an option for those that would like.

So, if you are looking to try to get a WordPress blog into a Joomla site I can happily save you time and money and say that CorePHP’s WordPress Integration is well worth the $75USD. It takes them a little longer to update when a new WordPress version comes out, but the integration really does just work.

I do have to say you will need some CSS skills to modify it to suit your Joomla theme but that issue is going to arise for any type of integration between the two.

So, my hat goes off to CorePHP and I thank them for designing a solution that has stopped me from pulling my hair out.

WordPress: Getting SplashScreen to work with WP-SuperCache

If you have ever attempted to use the SplashScreen plugin for WordPress with WP-SuperCache, you may have run into issues with WP-SuperCache caching the splash screen and not letting users past it.

There is a quick and simple fix for this, in your template file for what to display on the splash page, put the following code just before the </body> tag:

<?php define ("DONOTCACHEPAGE",1); ?>

This will tell WP-SuperCache not to cache the page and will let the site operate as normal.


WordPress Plugin SplashScreen – SEO Fix

After doing some work recently for a client, I discovered that I needed to make some modifications to a plugin for WordPress called SplashScreen.

To be honest when I wrote the fix I did not realise there was a new version released, however I have found out that my fix still provides features I need.

For those that are looking to permit bots and search indexers to access your site using the SplashScreen plugin modify splashcreen.php to reflect the following updated function:

function display_splash() {
 function isBot() {
 $user_agent= array("bot", "ia_archive", "slurp", "crawl", "spider", "Yandex");
 $count = 0;
 foreach ($user_agent as $substring) {
 $count += substr_count( strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']), $substring);
 return $count;

 global $splash;
 $bot = isBot();

 if (($splash->allSettings['splashscreen_enable']) && (!is_admin()) && 
   (!$splash->is_excluded_url()) && (!isset($_COOKIE["splash"])) && ($bot == 0)) {
 // display the splash screen
 $dir = dirname(__FILE__) . '/';
 @include_once($dir . $splash->allSettings['splashscreen_type']);

The benefit this has over the newer version is that you can still use an entirely separate page.

Hope it helps someone else.