This is just a quick one, recently I had some files stored in the public_html directory of one of my websites. This included several software ISOs (quite large) and an entire VMWare Virtual Machine. I had them stored there temporarily so that I could transfer them between a few different locations.

Little did I realise that this particular site was being indexed by Google and therefore my ISOs and Virtual Machines were then made public. Luckily the bandwith was not too much of a killer (this is lesson one… even where you run your own dedicated server… ALWAYS put limits in place, they are there to save you as much as restrict you). However in this I managed to lose control over a Virtual Machine which had a lot of licensed software contained therein.

At least in this case no personal data was lost, however valuable lesson learned, if you are going to store ANYTHING on your personal hosting that you do not want to be seen, make sure you password protect the directory. Just because you have not linked to it anywhere… believe me Google will find a way to find it HAHA.

Peace out people.