Proactive Information Exchange – A new term I have coined…

Communicate early and communicate often… In the current environment that we live in where we barely have time to stop and smell the roses this is an often forgotten vital point… Last night I was pondering this and came up with the concept of PIE, a.k.a. Proactive Information Exchange. It appears there are a few Google hits for it however I simply plucked it out of my brain last night and realised it is kind of a motto that I live by in my working life.

The concept of PIE or proactive information exchange is relatively simple. As I recently put it on a twitter status update:

... #PIE AKA #ProactiveInformationExchange to share knowledge to prevent #ShitHittingFans

So when you are working consider practicing the concept of PIE it really helps foster effective, and most importantly, early communication. Share your knowledge early in the hope that it can prevent someone running into issues you have faced in the past.

OOH and a massive thanks also go to @Rubenerd and his recent blog post for putting the word out.

/grabs a slice of PIE

Companies using Twitter that are doing it RIGHT!

After drafting up a post for my personal blog entitled “Twitter and the changing ways we communicate” I realised that it was time that I did a little bit of a shout out and praise some of the companies I have interacted with that really are getting things 100% right in the way they interact with the consumer via Twitter. I kind of realised that this is a plug for their services as well but I guess that can’t really be avoided, I use their services and am stoked with them all so you can take comfort in that.

So read below about the five companies and one individual that really are doing things right and one company that I am going to shame by doing things WRONG!

@RescueTimeRescueTime is a service that I have only been using for less than a month (for productivity tracking if you aren’t using it you should be but will do a post on that another time) however their Twitter customer service has been exemplary so far, quick to respond and always friendly I really can’t complain.

@CrashPlan – I use CrashPlan Plus for backups of all my data into the cloud and highly recommend them, the times that I have Tweeted them with feedback or requesting assistance they have always got back to me with help or thanks so good on them.

@LogMeInLogMeIn provides free and/or paid remote access to your computers from anywhere in the world (I just use the freebie). I have only ever Tweeted these guys once but they took my feedback on board and got back to me so I am happy to say that these guys also get a shiny gold star (especially for a free service).

@CloudFlare – For the last few months I have been using CloudFlare to speed up my blogs, they do a reverse proxy mix with a content delivery network (CDN), great service and VERY responsive on Twitter, I had an issue and they were on to it and helping out in record time.

@1Password – Honestly can’t remember why I had to tweet these guys but what I do remember is they were so exceptional I tweeted a massive thanks to them for their assistance and support. If you need password management software I highly recommend 1Password too.

@GilesHardie – Giles is actually a reporter/editor with the Sydney Morning Herald, after recently reading one of his articles about Masterchef and almost literally pissing myself laughing I had to shout out and say thanks for the laugh. Little did I know that Giles read my tweet and replied back to me a couple of times. It was certainly refreshing for the little guy to get to talk directly to the author of an article.

Finally I have to give three thumbs down to @Evernote on twitter – I love Evernote’s services please don’t get me wrong and I would be lost without them and in fact give their services a three thumbs UP. As a paying customer I expect however if you have a twitter account AND you promote it, if I message you saying I can’t renew my services and would like to let them know that they are giving me free premium services that I might in fact get a response. I have tweeted @Evernote on several occasions and never heard a boo back from them.

If you aren’t already following me on twitter shout out to me right now on @StuartCRyan I always welcome feedback about what I write or even just a friendly hello.



Please note that some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links. I use the services I might as well get a little kudos for promoting them #JustBeingHonest

CloudFlare – Speedy goodness

A few days ago I decided to give CloudFlare a try on my blogs to help speed up the loading time and also act as another barrier of security for them (as we all know WordPress while being great software is often a target for security holes).

The system has a few experimental features (which at this stage unfortunately break certain WordPress plugins) however with all the stable features turned on the system works beautifully. So far the system has improved the loading times of my blogs significantly and was extremely painless to install. Essentially the system is a reverse proxy for your site and has various features inbuilt in that proxy to speed up the loading and also reduce the total load on your server.

If you have a blog they have a free and a paid service and it in some ways acts like a CDN (Content Delivery Network) by caching most commonly loaded parts of your site. So please let me know if you have any issues in the coming days loading anything on my blogs and I will look to debug them ASAP.


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