When technology replaces the old – boardgames and cookbooks

Man on iPad in kitchen while cooking - ©Depositphotos/Goodluz

As years progress, technology including smartphones, iPads, gadgets, gizmos and a plethora of other trinkets seem to be embedding themselves in our day to day lives at an alarming rate. I for one welcome our technological overlords… wait… oh right we aren’t quite there yet.

While many of you who read my blog know my thoughts on technology and my desire to sometimes just switch off from the connected world (on *rare* occasions), you will also know that I enjoy technology to a great degree.

Being the self professed geek that I am, technology is a constant part of my daily life. However it wasn’t until recently when I gave my mother my second hand iPad 1 (after upgrading to “The New iPad”) that I saw a change that made me step back and think. “Wow, this has really changed the way we do things”.

There are two main functions that my mother uses on the iPad now that made me take this step back. The first is as a recipe book in the kitchen. Prior to handing it over, I took all my families most used recipes and put them into Paprika (a very good recipe manager for iOS and OSX). What I then realised, was that the humble recipe book which has been a part of our lives for so long was kinda dead. Sure we still have them there on a shelf but why thumb through a book when I can jump on the net and find not only a recipe, but reviews of how people found the recipe to taste, along with additional tips and tricks.

The second large change was Scrabble, which my parents love to play. The iPad has enabled them to play games of scrabble far more regularly by saving time and providing greater mobility. Not only does it do away with the board, the table space and the ritual of sitting down until the game is completed in a single sitting, it also enables the game to follow them wherever they take the iPad. The game can be picked up and stopped at any time or turns can be taken sporadically rather than requiring them to sit down to play the entire game at once.

I am not saying this is a bad thing, I am not saying that it is a good thing either. I just found it very interesting, and very eye opening, to see two such classics replaced by one device. It has certainly made me sit back and look at a lot of the other things that have changed since I was a kid, and how technology has helped (and hampered) some of the things we do day-to-day.

So what are some of the real shock moments you have had with technology. When you thought… wow I never thought I would see that replaced by a piece of tech.



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