Vivid Wireless plus MyNetFone VOIP equals affordable phone calls

Vivid Wireless and MyNetFone WebsitesFor those of you that have the Vivid Wireless Home Gateway but have yet to make the plunge into the realm of VOIP or alternatively have the Vivid Wireless VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) but would like to change providers as the pricing is not competitive (a.k.a. expensive) this tutorial is for you.

When I first signed up to Vivid Wireless I decided to give their VOIP a go (which happens to be provided by Engin whom I have used before), however while I found the service to be of a good quality, the price per month was exorbitant in comparison to what else I knew was out there. After managing to find on the web what might as well be considered the “real” admin password to the Vivid Wireless Home gateway I was able to “tweak” the settings so that I could use a provider other than Vivid Wireless for my Voice over IP. While I chose to go with MyNetFone (as is described in this tutorial) the steps could be used to guide through the setup any VOIP provider on the Vivid Wireless Home Gateway.

To begin I have this little gem from MyNetFone, if you want some wicked deals head over to I am personally using the NeoSaver yearly plan which (at the time of writing) costs less than $60 per year and gives you:

  • 1 Included DID (i.e. local phone number so people can call you)
  • 60 local, national and certain international calls per month included
  • 10c un-timed local and national calls after the included calls
  • Up to two lines (so yes, in theory you could have both ports activated on the Vivid Wireless gateway although I have not tried this myself).

Now, before I continue below I would like to say that if you proceed you will be unable to get Vivid to support any VOIP problems because obviously when you log in as the Vivid Wireless engineer you are going outside of what was originally intended for the average Joe. If you ever have any problems you can always do a factory reset and get your original settings. I would like to stress however that logging in as the Vivid Wireless engineer you do so ***at your own risk***.

Now on to the fun stuff. After you have signed up with MyNetPhone (or really any other provider to be honest) follow the steps below to set up the VOIP port.

  1. Go to in a web browser and log in with the username “vividwireless” and password “engineer2009″
    [rokbox thumb=”×205.png” title=”Vivid Wireless Home Gateway Login Screen” album=”vivid”][/rokbox]
  2. In the top right hand corner click on the “Networking” icon
    [rokbox thumb=”×166.png” title=”Vivid Wireless Home Gateway Administration Panel” album=”vivid”][/rokbox]
  3. In the Sip Server-Registrar Server, SIP Server-Outbound Server and Sup Server-Proxy Server fill out the IP address to be the SIP server of your provider in the case of MyNetFone it would “” for all three.
    [rokbox thumb=”×181.png” title=”Vivid Wireless VOIP SIP Settings” album=”vivid”][/rokbox]
  4. Scroll further down the VOIP settings page to where it says “Line 1 Basic Setting”. Change the User Domain, Number and Authentication Name to be the username for your VOIP line (different to your MyNetPhone login check your line activation email for the line username and password, in the case of MyNetFone the username here will be a number like 1234567). Also enter the password for your VOIP line.
    [rokbox thumb=”×181.png” title=”Vivid Wireless VOIP Registrar Line Settings” album=”vivid”][/rokbox]
  5. Scroll further down the page again to “Line 1 Codec Setting”. If you have good signal strength I recommend starting with G.711 muLaw then G.711 aLaw, then G.729. If you have signal strength issues or a slower connection I would try G.729 as the first option.
    [rokbox thumb=”×181.png” title=”Vivid Wireless VOIP Codec Settings” album=”vivid”][/rokbox]
  6. Finally click Apply and you are all done, your phone should now register and you should be able to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls.
  7. ***Please Note*** If a firmware update ever happens you will need to re-input these settings again as the firmware updates to the Vivid Wireless Home Gateway will change these settings back to their default.

Let me know how you go or if you have any issues I have the “Contact the Author” button on the top left here so you can chat to me when I am online.


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