Getting thermal information on Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

If you have ever experienced thermal issues, other heat issues or general slowness on a Dell Precision Laptop then this little gem might be right up your alley. I can confirm that this works on a Dell M4400 laptop but I suspect it will work on a variety of other Dell laptops or mobile workstations as well. This may be useful if you are suffering suspected CPU Throttling, suspected heat issues, or anything else that may be related to the speed/heat/health of your laptop CPU.

WARNING: This should only be done if you are a savvy with IT and have knowledge surrouding the precice inner workings of the system. In other words if you are not an IT Professional/Expert you should NOT be doing this I guarantee it will not make any sense.

On your laptop keyboard (not an attached keyboard it must be on the laptop itself):

  1. Press and hold Fn (function key) and Shift
  2. While holding the above two keys press the following numerical sequence “15324”
  3. Let go of the Fn and Shift Keys
  4. The lights at the top of the keyboard should now be flashing or at least responding differently than they would normally
  5. Then you can press Fn and the letter R to get a wealth of information relating to the thermal health of the laptop.

I know that Fn + T will also work with some additional information I am not sure what other little gems are hidden under this mode.

PLEASE NOTE: I put this here purely for educational purposes, you go into such engineer modes at your own risk and I can not be held responsible for what you may break if you do.

Otherwise 😉 Enjoy