Fix: VMWare vSphere Host Update Utility for ESXi

Recently I ran into an issue with the VMWare vSphere Host Update Utility that was causing it to report that my ESXi server was up to date when I was well aware that several newer builds were available. After much poking around on the web and coming up trumps I had to set to work to attempt to resolve the issue myself. Therefore I managed to devise this procedure which should hopefully resolve issues when the vSphere Host Update Utility is ignoring updates or in other words simply not detecting that updates were available.

I found a relatively simple procedure which should clear the cache out and cause the vSphere Host Update Utility to do a complete rescan of the host and correctly detect that there are updates available. Due to the newest release of vSphere 4.1 which no longer uses the Host Update Utility this affects only versions 4.0 and earlier (though I was experiencing it with ESXi 4.0 U1 myself)

To resolve the issue follow these steps:

  1. Load up the Host Update Utility and remove the host causing issues from the list
  2. Uninstall both the VMWare vSphere Host Update utility and the VMWare vSphere Client
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Install the vSphere client and Host Update Utility Again (for good measure I put these in a different folder to the original)
  5. Load up the Host Update Utility, add back the ESXi Host and scan for the patches (You should now see any new patches available).

I hope that this can help someone else out as I have to say it drove me up the wall for some time.

If anyone has any simpler way of this I would certainly welcome it.