Follow up email to Vivid Wireless

Please see my follow up interview with Martin Mercer – CEO of Vivid Wireless after you have read the below.

In the interest of complete transparency of what I post here on my blog I have sent the following email to Vivid Wireless Support as a follow up to my earlier post “An open letter to Vivid Wireless – “Seriously fast 4G wireless Broadband”:


Hi Team,
My name is Stuart, I am the geek that recently wrote:

Which moved on to –>

When I wrote this I obviously focused on grabbing keywords however I did not think it would work as effectively as it did. Since writing the article I see that in Google it has hit the top 10 results for “vivid wireless problem”, in the top 6 for “vivid wireless speed issues” and the top 4 for “vivid wireless slow”.

Now I didn’t originally expect that a) it would generate so much interest and constructive discussion and b) that it would shoot to the top of Google like that.

I would be very interested in the opportunity to have an e-chat/interview or the like with Martin to discuss the original post and subsequent concerns raised by users so that I can post an update to my blog.

I contact you in the hope of a discussion not only to provide you a voice in response to my blog post (which I feel is only fair) but also in the hope of giving you a voice to let your users (including myself) know that you are listening and hear our concerns.

Hope to hear from you.