Inspire the world to learn poem #ANZTLC15

This is a poem I have written for the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference APAC 2015. It is a creative piece on how we at the conference use our knowledge and experiences to…


We gather each and every year,
With ideas we have to share.
These seeds of innovation,
Start to travel through the air.

These seeds, containing great new things,
New ways to challenge and inspire.
Providing tools and proven methods,
They start to spread like wild fire.

This year we’re more than 300 strong,
Working in all aspects of education.
There’s educators, support staff and industry too,
We gather with eager anticipation.

As we share our unique experiences,
The seeds of innovation start to grow and sprout.
We take the time to look to the year ahead,
At opportunities that are round about.

We have a passion for improving education,
In all different shapes and kinds.
Using these ideas to improve teaching and learning
To really blow our student’s minds!

These sprouts, these ideas, help us to engage and inspire,
To provide an experience that is different and new.
Letting us reach out to students new and old,
Helping to inspire them to DO!

So in the coming year we have these sprouts,
And the friendships we have made.
We keep in contact and continue to chat,
Building upon the foundations that we have laid.

In the end, these sprouts that we take back,
We watch them grow at every turn.
We nurture them, that’s we’re here,
To inspire the world to LEARN.

Blackboard #ANZTLC15 Opening Keynote

Blackboard #ANZTLC15 Impromptu Discussion

Blackboard #ANZTLC15 Kaltura Demo