LastPass workflow for Alfred v1.2 released

Today marks the release of v1.2 of the LastPass workflow for Alfred. The focus of this release has been to improve stability and reliability as well as to resolve some login issues people have been having. Please let me know if you have any issues (either via the official forum post, or by logging an issue on the official github repository) in case there are still some slightly different configurations out there the workflow is not yet dealing with.

Changes in this release include:

  1. Bug – Removed deprecated framework code
  2. Bug – Merged pull request #4 from jsquyres “we-love-macports-too” to support macports installs of the lastpass-CLI
  3. Bug – Further improved on jsquyres code to support some additional install locations.
  4. Bug – Fixed bash script reliability, after two login attempts the script was often failing.
  5. Improvement – Improved sync behaviour to better support extremely large vaults.
  6. Improvement – Added new ‘lpsync’ command to force a sync on demand.
  7. Improvement – Changed behaviour to store login email in your Apple Keychain (set with ‘lpsetemail‘).
  8. Improvement – Added the ability to set the logout timeout and store in the keychain (set with ‘lpsettimeout NUMSEC’ where NUMSEC is an integer such as 28800, if you use 0 that will keep you logged in until your computer restarts).
  9. Improvement – Added hotkeys to the main functions.

Also, please see the below YouTube video which demonstrates the workflow behaviour and outlines some of the changes in this release.