Bid Request Documentation on Rent A Coder

As I have recently been through a good handful of projects using Rent A Coder I have had the opportunity to fine  tune the way I do bid requests within the system. For my latest bid request I had two somewhat complex coding problems that needed resolving and using the simple description  boxes would not allow me to define the problem completely. Therefore I found myself with a need to better define and document small projects/bid requests so that I could ensure the Workers bidding on my project would have a detailed understanding of what is required.

The result of this is a new document I have put together to help new users to Rent A Coder gather all the details they need to ensure when a bid request is put in they will eliminate a lot of the potential for confusion in putting forward a bid request. The aim of the document is to enable an easy and standard means of documenting a bid request when there is a greater level of complexity required than the standard descriptions boxes but simple enough to be used for a project in the sub $100USD or sub $500USD range.

Most of my bid requests have focused around getting CSS fixes for my WordPress or Joomla sites and sometimes resolving layout issues or making small design changes. While the document has been written with my specific bid requests in mind I have made every effort ensure it is generic enough that it could be used for other small projects such as logo design and so on.

I am making this template freely available, all I ask is that the template copyright notice at the bottom is kept in tact if you use the document template.

The document is available in Microsoft Word 2003 .doc format from my documentation subversion repository or by clicking the image below.

Click Here to Download Rent A Coder Project Initiation Document

I welcome any feedback on the template as I would like to continue to try to perfect it and tweak it with suggestions from the community.


Disclaimer: In this post I have used affiliate links to Rent A Coder, these links in no way affect the content of my post but in the interest of complete disclosure I like to mention that they are there.

WordPress: Getting SplashScreen to work with WP-SuperCache

If you have ever attempted to use the SplashScreen plugin for WordPress with WP-SuperCache, you may have run into issues with WP-SuperCache caching the splash screen and not letting users past it.

There is a quick and simple fix for this, in your template file for what to display on the splash page, put the following code just before the </body> tag:

<?php define ("DONOTCACHEPAGE",1); ?>

This will tell WP-SuperCache not to cache the page and will let the site operate as normal.


WordPress Plugin SplashScreen – SEO Fix

After doing some work recently for a client, I discovered that I needed to make some modifications to a plugin for WordPress called SplashScreen.

To be honest when I wrote the fix I did not realise there was a new version released, however I have found out that my fix still provides features I need.

For those that are looking to permit bots and search indexers to access your site using the SplashScreen plugin modify splashcreen.php to reflect the following updated function:

function display_splash() {
 function isBot() {
 $user_agent= array("bot", "ia_archive", "slurp", "crawl", "spider", "Yandex");
 $count = 0;
 foreach ($user_agent as $substring) {
 $count += substr_count( strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']), $substring);
 return $count;

 global $splash;
 $bot = isBot();

 if (($splash->allSettings['splashscreen_enable']) && (!is_admin()) && 
   (!$splash->is_excluded_url()) && (!isset($_COOKIE["splash"])) && ($bot == 0)) {
 // display the splash screen
 $dir = dirname(__FILE__) . '/';
 @include_once($dir . $splash->allSettings['splashscreen_type']);

The benefit this has over the newer version is that you can still use an entirely separate page.

Hope it helps someone else.