Integrating WordPress and Joomla

Integrating WordPress and Joomla is not an easy feat and it has taken me over three weeks to find this solution.

After trying several plugins (of which I have paid for and a lot really didn’t work) I have found one that I wanted to recommend in the hope that I can save others time and money. CorePHP has developed a custom version of WordPress that hooks directly into Joomla. The WordPress Sidebars are added as Joomla modules and the custom installation comes with a default theme that with a little tweaking should be able to fit into any Joomla theme.

You can see my integration on my Eccentric Reality Photography Blog, at this stage there are a couple of issues in IE due to my lack of skills in CSS but I am looking into fixing that shortly. I have decided not to turn on the categories syncronisation between Joomla and WordPress as I like to keep them separate however it is there as an option for those that would like.

So, if you are looking to try to get a WordPress blog into a Joomla site I can happily save you time and money and say that CorePHP’s WordPress Integration is well worth the $75USD. It takes them a little longer to update when a new WordPress version comes out, but the integration really does just work.

I do have to say you will need some CSS skills to modify it to suit your Joomla theme but that issue is going to arise for any type of integration between the two.

So, my hat goes off to CorePHP and I thank them for designing a solution that has stopped me from pulling my hair out.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – My first post!

I sit here at my desk at home, using one of the wonders of modern technology. In order to assist me with my studies at University I recently obtained Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard Edition.

So rather than typing this post I decided that it would be appropriate to instead Dictate this post using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Up until now I have spent around five hours training Dragon NaturallySpeaking and at this point I have to admit that I am quite happy with both the responsiveness and the accuracy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

At this stage I’m still training the application to become used to my writing style as well as my personal language style, so as I Dictate more the application appears to be a learning to adapt to my speech patterns and become more accurate.

For sheer enjoyment I will probably write the majority of my posts using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for quite some time. The more that I can Dictate with the application of that will get (or so they tell me).

So for now I think I will sign off on my first post, and look forward to playing more.

Stuart 😉