UberEats and Deliveroo Coupon Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)

UberEats code: ‘eats-btud5f8xue’ – $10 off your first order.
Deliveroo code: ‘stuartr1362‘ – $5 off your first order.

So you are hunting for a discount coupon or promo code for your first UberEats or Deliveroo order in Australia? I can’t blame you as coupon codes are great, especially when they give a discount to both the giver (moi), and the receiver (you).

In the interest of sharing the Food NOMMING love, I thought I would share my discount codes for UberEats (August 2017) and the voucher for a discount on Deliveroo (August 2017) also.

So, if you are an UberEats lover in Australia you can get $10 off your first order with the code ‘eats-btud5f8xue’, that will give you $10 off your first order and me $10 off my next order too. Interestingly if you sign up to use Uber for rides you can also use ‘btud5f8xue’, however I don’t believe it gives you any discount.

For those of you looking at Deliveroo in Australia, you can get $5 off your first order with ‘stuartr1362.

So, please feel free to use and enjoy!


Shoeboxed Australia increasing prices from 1st June 2014

shoeboxed price increasesFollowing my recent review of Shoeboxed (in which I have to admit I was amazed with the service) I have just received an email indicating that price changes are coming and on the Classic plan which is a great plan for those of you that would like to use it for personal use, this brings an ~25% increase on the cost (you can see the full comparison table below).

I can happily say I am still loving Shoeboxed and will be sticking with them despite the increase. Shoeboxed has informed me (via Twitter) that it is their first price increase in four years and they will honour current prices for month to month plans until the end of the year (if you sign up before 31st May 2014) or annual packages until 30th June 2014. So if you have been considering giving Shoeboxed a try,  now is the time to get a trial, see if you like it and lock in an annual plan before the 30th June or the current monthly pricing until 31st December 2014. I personally feel this is a more than generous offer to lock in the current price for long enough to account for the price increase and a single price increase in four  years is not bad at all.

Shoeboxed does have a referral program which gets both the referrer (me) and referee (you) 10% off the price for 12 months and  (and yes if you click through to Shoeboxed from this post it will be as a referral) so that is one other way to get an additional discount for your first 12 months (and for me too :D).

So if you would like to give them a go, have a read of my review and give them a whirl. Now is definitely the time to lock in some cheaper prices.

Changes at a glance:

 Lite (<1st June)Lite New PriceClassic (<1st June)Classic New PriceBusiness (<1st June)Business new PriceExecutive (<1st June)Executive New Price
Monthly Price$19.95$16.95$39.95$49.95$99.95$129.95$177.77$249.95
Annual Price$199.00$169.00$399.00$499.00$999.00$1299.00$1777.00$2499.00
Per doc overage price$0.66$0.44$0.44$0.385$0.385$0.33$0.33$0.275

Full details of the price changes available on Shoeboxed’s Site


O’Reilly books at 50% off!

This one is good news for all you geeks out there. It looks like O’Reilly Media have extended their discount offer of Buy X eBooks get X eBooks free (where X is however many you want to purchase). O’Reilly I would think are most famous for their “Liama” and “Camel” book series for various programming languages including everything from Perl, to PHP to C/C++.

So the good news is you can get 50% off any eBooks you purchase. You can visit http://oreilly.com to see all the books that the have available. As below you get the eBooks in multiple formats, all DRM free.

The coupon code you have to use is “BXGXF” as per the below email I received, they had a thing at the bottom saying “Forward to a friend” LOL so I hope they do not object to me mass releasing it to the interweb.

50% Off O'Reilly Books

Some of the books that I have purchased and have read/am currently reading that I would recommend are:

And just in case you are wondering what I have in my collection you can see the image below of all the O’Reilly eBooks I have.

[rokbox thumb=”http://technicalnotebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Registered-Ebooks-300×193.png” title=”My O’Reilly Ebooks”]http://technicalnotebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Registered-Ebooks.png[/rokbox]