So I have recently become the happy owner of a shiny new Piaggio BV 350 (Beverly) scooter. She is an absolute JOY to ride, but will cover more of that in a future post.

For the time being we are here do discuss petrol. As I am planning a trip through country NSW and country Victoria here in Australia in a few months, I have been researching what petrol I am likely to have access to. Unfortunately however, for the Australian BV 350s, the manual only specifies 95 RON/octane (premium) petrol, which is often not available in country towns.

Therefore I had to contact the local importer for a bit more detail. I thought I would share what they have said so that hopefully it may help others figure out their options when they are unable to source 95 RON petrol.

Thanks for your message.  95 RON is the recommended minimum octane rating.  Most fuels identified as “premium” are 95 RON and are widely available.  Higher grades such as any 98 RON Vpower / Ultimate / Vortex etc. are perfectly fine and fuel with some ethanol is even acceptable  provided it has no more than 10%.  You can use 91 RON if that’s all there is provided the bike is not too heavily loaded, however you should top up with premium as soon as it’s available.  Prolonged use of fuel with an octane rating below the recommended level can damage the engine, particular in hot conditions, and/or when the engine load is high.

Also remember to check your coolant and oil level regularly when travelling long distances.  The oil level check must be made with the bike on the centre stand after the engine has been stopped for 5-10 minutes. The correct level is seen when the stick is screwed all the way in.  Do not over-fill.  The level must be between the upper and lower marks on the stick.

So 🙂 I hope this helps someone else out, obviously if you are international I would always recommend you check with your local importer *JUST* to be safe (haha have to cover myself there).