About Me

Welcome to Technical Notebook, my name is Stuart and I am an IT Professional living in Sydney, Australia.

Technical Notebook is a place for technical solutions that I have either found in the deep dark recesses of the internet or otherwise developed myself to try to make things easier for people when they run into problems.

Often the articles that I write will assume a minimum level of technical knowledge about the subject matte. This blog is not intended to be a blog that you can come back and visit regularly for a constant stream of posts, more an archive of solutions etc, hence the name Technical Notebook. At times however I will include a post or two from the inner ramblings that are my mind or something funny to lighten the mood.

More recently, I have also begun reviewing products and services that I find useful. Most often, these are services that I use day-to-day in my own life, on occasion, I am approached by a company wishing to review their products also. Reviews where I have been approached will clearly be marked as such, reviews that I do of my own free will are likely to have affiliate links (also marked as such) to help support the cost of running my web server.