TorGuard Review 2015 – My VPN of choice as an Australian

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Choosing a VPN provider can be difficult, you want one that provides great customer service, security, reliability and most importantly, one with servers close to you as well as around the world. When my account with Astrill came up for renewal recently, I decided it was time to review the field again.

For a limited time, due to Australia’s new Data Retention laws I have managed to get Torguard to provide me a 20% off any Torguard plan coupon for my readers. You can use this by heading over to Torguard and using the following coupon “AnonymousVPN”.

I use a VPN for a variety of reasons, I find them extremely handy for security reasons, I now have two static IP services with TorGuard so that I can restrict certain things I log into by public IP address. This also means that I can connect to these from anywhere in the world. As many Australian’s will know, they can also be used for “Geo dodging” services that are restricted to certain countries. Being a lucky user of Foxtel I personally don’t have that issue but if that is your end goal you will be happy to know that TorGuard has servers all around the world you can connect to. Lastly, they are handy for getting around firewalls when you are in a restricted environment (and have a legitimate reason for needing to get out of the firewalled environment)

The starting point is to find providers that have a good reputation, if Anonymity is what you are looking for you will probably be familiar with TorrentFreak’s roundup of providers that don’t keep logs (2015 edition). I checked out:

  • Private Internet Access
  • TorGuard
  • IPVanish
  • NordVPN

I came up with the above list based on those that have servers within Australia and will also note that some of these I have used previously. After testing the speeds of each provider, TorGuard turned out to be the best VPN for me as a Sydneysider. I am not necessarily saying that the others weren’t good, but I lost very little overall speed on my connection when using TorGuard, which was one of my primary goals.

After testing and selecting TorGuard, it was refreshing to see most things included. Astrill offers upsell after upsell (even for example if you want to use more than a single device), the only thing I have had to pay for extra so far with TorGuard is my static IPs (which are not a necessity for most people). I have found the service to be exemplary, support tickets are answered promptly, the service is solid as a rock and I have stayed connected for days at a time (usually only losing a connection when my ADSL drops sync… still hanging on for this NBN we keep hearing about).

The OSX client that comes with TorGuard was easy to use, I opted to purchase a full Viscosity license to get the latest version and configure it myself, I am stoked with it as a VPN client, however you will be happy to know that the clients that TorGuard offers are simple, easy to use and sufficient for 99% of all users needs.

So if you are looking for an anonymous VPN service that has endpoints in Sydney, has anonymity as a priority, is affordable, reliable, doesn’t require long contracts and above all… JUST WORKS! I can happily say that TorGuard is well worth looking into.

As always, when I review a service that I love, I have put an affiliate link here in the post. If you would like to visit the service directly please visit

  • Violette Rouze

    I agree with you. Finding a decent VPN review is quite hard. In fact, a lot of review sites are often biased and were just created for promotional activities and that idea really sucks. Anyway, I have tried Torguard before and it’s quite good but not as good as my favorite VPN service – HMA. Haha

  • Hi Violette,
    I wholeheartedly agree. I actually tried HMA and Torguard, the only reason Torguard won out for me was the servers were closer, speeds were otherwise similar to HMA, but better latency.

  • Violette Rouze

    Oh really. By the way, what VPN review site do you use?

  • David Clark

    When it comes to VPN review site i always preferred to go for VPNRANKSone of the best platform to find out the details about latest VPN providers and latest offers.

  • Veronika

    Tried all of these VPNs before Astrill, and Astrill is great. Thanks!

  • GTT

    Hi – do you have a 2016 version of this article?

    Many thanks

  • Hi,
    I have not yet written up an update, however am still happily and actively using TorGuard, what would you like to know?

  • GTT

    I’ve not read the article in full yet but I actively use VPNs for a few different reasons – mainly because of the ongoing tech battle against use of VPNs, so I was wondering if there was a more recent article.

    Will give this a proper read in due course – many thanks

  • No worries at all, everything I said in the article still holds true today. I can also add that their support is exceptional and second to none (very fast to give feedback and assistance when required).

    I am still a very happy user, and now have a few friends with them as well. Simple, easy, just works… I have to say I have no complaints.

    If you do have any questions please let me know. Oh and it looks like the coupon still works too!

  • GTT

    Haha – excellent – thanks Stuart

  • R. Dangsil

    This is a one-year old comment but I still agree, Astrill is terrific regardless of where country you are.