Things have been quiet on here for some months, today I have a video explaining where I have been and what I have been upto. I have been extremely hard at work putting together a new custom installer script for the entire Atlassian Suite including Bamboo, Confluence, Crowd, Fisheye, JIRA and Stash. The goal is to enable faster, standardised and generally simper installs and upgrades of the Atlassian Suite for behind the firewall installations.

Things are about one and a half months away from release but I wanted to put out the video of my recent presentation to the Sydney Atlassian User Group. Apologies for the quality and a couple of moments where I was taking questions and forgot to repeat them, the recording was requested by a few users at the last minute so I did the best with the technology that I had available.

If you would like to get some more details on the ASM Script please head over to the ASM Wiki Page.